At Roger Beasley Used, each vehicle undergoes a rigorous 57-point inspection prior to being offered for sale. This inspection includes a road test and a thorough check. 

Any necessary repairs are carried out to the highest standards by our certified technicians and service staff to try to eliminate any unnecessary out-of-pocket expenses for our customers. While all vehicles need regular maintenance as recommended by the manufacturer, we believe this inspection should give you a new-car assurance for less cost than purchasing a new vehicle. 

EXTERIOR - dings, dents and scratches
1 Glass surfaces condition
2 Panel alignment, fit, weather stripping
3 Flood damage
4 Paint condition / overspray

5 Hood release and latch
6 Brake fluid
7 Transmission fluid
8 Engine oil
9 Power steering fluid
10 Coolant fluid
11 Windshield wiper fluid
12 Air filter condition
13 Water pump
14 Fuel pump
15 Belts
16 Hoses: coolant, heater, AC, vacuum
17 Ignition wiring
18 Engine fans
19 Battery
20 Radiator
21 Scan engine for codes / state readiness

22 Tire pressure 
23 Tire wear pattern
24 Tire sidewall
25 Wheels
26 Brake pad wear
27 Rotor condition
28 Parking brake assembly
29 Brake calipers, lines and hoses
30 Fuel lines, hoses and tank
31 Transmission mount, transfer case
32 Engine mount and oil pan
33 CV joints and boot
34 Drive axles and differentials
35 Steering rack and linkage
36 Exhaust system: pipes, mufflers, catalytic converters
37 Suspension system: shocks, struts, joints, bushings, tie rod ends
38 AC system
39 Alignment

40 General access
41 Jack and tools condition
42 Spare tire condition

43 Start up (hot/cold)
44 Idle
45 Parking brake
46 Clutch / Shift interlock
47 Indicator / warning lights during test
48 Gauges operation
49 CV joint / drive axle: full lock turn
50 Engine
51 Shifting
52 Steering
53 Suspension
54 Stability
55 Excessive wind noise
56 Brakes
57 Transmission transaxle